We aim to provide our students, who are confident in their academic success and are developing socially, physically and psychologically, with a happy and engaging learning environment that is structured, collaborative and purposeful. Kids’ Foundation is not about obtaining the best marks, but about getting students to be best they can be. We seek to develop students as individuals who achieve their full potential. Kids’ Foundation is committed on building a complete personality-a person with a strong moral backbone and integrity. Thus, a promise to give your child the right foundation. Our learning technique is based on constructivism. We believe that each individual child has the potential to construct their own knowledge.


Every child is born a discoverer propelled by the instinctive need to know more. Kids’ Foundation early childhood is designed to encourage the natural curiosity and fearless sense of enquiry of children between the ages of 3 and 6. Our pre-primary learning curriculum and strategy is completely child centred and full of fun filled activities. On top of the usual curriculum, we have included:


These activities are included so that children are exposed to an all-round development of their potentials. They are encouraged to be in sync with nature.


The freedom to question is the freedom to learn. Kids Foundation recognises the importance of preserving the innate curiosity of early childhood throughout primary years. The primary classes are introduced to self-study and individualised construction of knowledge. Students are exposed to the different modes of learning like group discussion, pair activities and brain storming. Technologies are incorporated into the teaching modes for elaboration of understanding and comprehension.


Education must be multi-dimensional because every child innately is. The middle years are a challenging time of transition for learners as they move from childhood to adolescence. This crucial period of personal, social, physical and intellectual growth is marked by uncertainty on one hand and increasing maturity on the other. In cognizance to the CBSE directives, KIDS’ FOUNDATION is delivering a holistic learning approach. Primary importance is given to DISCIPLINE, ATTENDANCE, SINCERITY, BEHAVIOUR, VALUES and other co-scholastic activities which will cater to the needs of the community and build wholesome personalities of students. Martial Arts, Arts and Crafts, and Elocution are given importance. For scholastic learning, quizzes and debates based on the curriculum and syllabus is organised. Project works and assignments are part and parcel of the learning tasks.