Founder Message

The World is getting smaller everyday with the technology and communication explosion. The paradigm shift from local to global is a continuous process of change and the need to think global is of paramount importance. Kids’ Foundation with World Class Curriculum and infrastructure will cater to global perspective to education which arises out of a global exposure and the need for creating greater avenues for awareness and awakening.


Kids’ Foundation is a new beginning towards global thinking, the concept which aims to a new generation of parents who want their “generation next” to be brought up in a global environment acquiring global competencies and aspiring to compete globally.


Future is global, so should be the child’s education. At Kids’ Foundation, international curriculum is introduced right from the beginning to prepare students for every global challenge.


Environment is the best teacher and we have made it international. Kids’ Foundation, spread over 1,00,000 sq.ft. of lush green environment is a designers dream which have been extensively modernized to provide excellent facilities for both academic and co-curricular activities.


If our children have to compete on a global platform, they have to acquire global competence. Kids’ Foundation invites the parent in you to explore the international launch pad for your child’s global career.


Together let’s commence this journey.